Earth-Omega for Champs4E (Maybe More Later?)

I’m working on converting a lot of the characters from my Earth-Omega setting (featured in my supers games Invulnerable and Metagene) to Champions 4th Edition.

When I’ve got a substantial number of ’em converted, I’ll post their stats here, with some placeholder character images. When I feel like I’ve got enough posted, I may consider wrapping up an official Imperfekt Gammes release.

Despite the name of this site, I reserve the right to post some 5th Edition and 6th Edition stuff, too! Back when D&D 3rd Edition first released, Sword & Sorcery Studios’ tagline was “Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel”, and if I do, it’ll be “Champs Complete Rules, Champs 4th Feel.” By that, I mean point values will be lower, characters will be more versatile, and I might even convert real distances to hexes, just for that old-school feel. I’ve played a ton of 5th Edition, and I love the compactness of Complete, but 4E is still the insect’s leg-joints for me overall.

Long Live Champions 4E!

The Bundle of Holding site recently featured the ENTIRE Champions 4th Edition product line, in two bundles!

At about the same time, Champs 4E was uploaded to

Those of us who began tabletop roleplaying games in the 70s and 80s will remember Champions as THE super hero RPG. It was the first game to feature point-based character creation, and its flexibility still reigns supreme. Champs character creation is a little complicated, works best with a calculator at hand, and combat is gritty and tactical, but for some of us, these are features, not weaknesses, and it pays your investment back richly.

The newer editions of Champs are both pretty cool, but for some of us, Champions is as iconic as Captain America’s shield or Batman’s cowl; just seeing that Big Blue Book, with Seeker bravely facing down Doctor Destroyer in the ruins of a smashed building, instantly makes me want to roll a huge pile of six-siders and Haymaker some Nazis and robots. I’ve written my own supers games, and played probably most of the other games out on the market, but I keep coming back to Champs 4E; and I hope this site makes you want to, too!