Doctor Catastrophe for Champions

Doctor Catastrophe is probably the baddest of the bad guys on Earth-Omega. He’s so overwhelmingly powerful that he founded the Terror Legion, and then threw them away like a used paper towel when the time was right to go back and conquer his home nation of Erebus Island once again.

Doctor Catastrophe is on Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition page 322, and he appears on the front and back covers of Metagene. Stats below for Champs 4th and 6th Edition!

Terror Legion Agents for Champions

The Terror Legion, like most evil organizations, employs thousands of costumed henchmen to carry out their day-to-day operations.

The Terror Legion’s agents haven’t been published before, so this is a bonus post! Below we have stats for both Champions 4th Edition and 6th Edition.

Image credit Li Didivi, Artstation.

Dr. DNApe for Champions

Stats for the Terror Legion’s nefarious leader, Dr. DNApe!

Images and background on Dr. DNApe can be found in the Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition page 325, and he can be seen on the back cover of Metagene. Stats are included for both Champions 4th and 6th Editions; note a few things.

  • I’m not a “charops” guy. I’ve never found optimizing to be fun, and I think it rather kills the fun in any point-based game. It’s just too easy, without adding anything to the game. Indeed, perfectly-designed villains can be very frustrating for PCs to fight! What you see is the spirit of the concept, warts and all.
  • The 4th Edition version was written up with Hero Creator. The 6th Edition version with Hero Designer.
  • The two sets of stats aren’t intended to be identical; both are conversions of the spirit of the original Invulnerable stats, not precise copies. Similarly, they’re not directly based on one another. I did the 4th Edition stats first, and referred back to them, but that’s it.
  • When I was writing up a bunch of characters for 4th Edition, I fell into the habit of assigning XP in blocks of 25 pts. I don’t know why, it’s just a nice number and “felt right”, so I’ve stuck with it.
  • The 6th Edition version assumes a Low-Powered Supers (300-pt., 60 pts. Complications) game. This is in keeping with the feel and spirit of the Earth-Omega setting, and my “sweet spot” for Champions in general.

So, that said, enjoy!