Earth-Omega for Champs4E (Maybe More Later?)

I’m working on converting a lot of the characters from my Earth-Omega setting (featured in my supers games Invulnerable and Metagene) to Champions 4th Edition.

When I’ve got a substantial number of ’em converted, I’ll post their stats here, with some placeholder character images. When I feel like I’ve got enough posted, I may consider wrapping up an official Imperfekt Gammes release.

Despite the name of this site, I reserve the right to post some 5th Edition and 6th Edition stuff, too! Back when D&D 3rd Edition first released, Sword & Sorcery Studios’ tagline was “Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel”, and if I do, it’ll be “Champs Complete Rules, Champs 4th Feel.” By that, I mean point values will be lower, characters will be more versatile, and I might even convert real distances to hexes, just for that old-school feel. I’ve played a ton of 5th Edition, and I love the compactness of Complete, but 4E is still the insect’s leg-joints for me overall.

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