Nucleus for Champions

Nucleus is a matter-transmuting member of Next Step, Earth-Omega’s primary mutant defense hero team. A former member of Israel’s special forces, he’s another PC I’ve had off and on, in different forms for a long time.

Nucleus hasn’t appeared in any previous Earth-Omega books, so, bonus! Stats below for Champions 4th and 6th Editions.

Lovelace for Champions

Lovelace is a super-scientist student at Exemplar Academy, the A.P.E.X.-administered super hero academy.

Lovelace’s stats and background first appeared in the Dauntless supplement for Invulnerable RPG Year One Edition. Stats are listed below for Champions 4th and 6th Edition.

Rattlesnake for Champions

Briefly a member of Patriot Force, Rattlesnake went on to become the director of C.H.I.M.E.R.A., the Central Headquarters International Military, Espionage, and Research Agency.

He’s another PC of mine, some version of which I’ve played in Marvel Super Heroes Advanced, Heroes Unlimited Revised, and Champions 4th, 5th, and 6th Editions … I think I even wrote him up in Silver Age Sentinels and Mayfair’s Batman RPG, but never got a chance to play him.

This version is a bitter, paranoid, semi-retired ex-field agent, but the sins and regrets of his old career threaten to drag him back in. Stats below for Champions 4th and 6th Edition.

Wormhole for Champions

Wormhole is a secretive teleporting alien bounty hunter, accompanied by two worm-like creatures he calls his “maggot-hounds”, named Rip and Tear.

Additional details about the mysterious Wormhole can be found in Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition, page 315. Stats can be found below for Wormhole and for his maggot-hounds, for both Champions 4th and 6th Edition.


Trance for Champions

Trance has been a hero, a villain, and now owns the Quantum Entanglements Bar in the transdimensional city of Uru Ulan. Uru Ulan is similar to the transdimensional city of Babylon, as listed in the Book of the Empress for Champions 6E, except it was originally Sumerian. Weird, eh?

Trance was first mentioned (without stats) in the Invulnerablog article, The Transdimensional City of Uru Ulan: . Stats are listed below for Champions 4th and 6th Editions.

A.P.E.X. Battle Armor Pilots for Champions

When the toughest super-powered bruisers hit the field, local governments petition A.P.E.X. to send out their toughest and craziest agents in armor contracted out to the lowest bidder.

A.P.E.X. Battle Armor Pilots first appeared in Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition page 298. Stats below for Champions 4th and 6th Editions.

A.P.E.X. Field Agents for Champions

Part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Agency for the Pursuit and Enforcement of eXtrahumans is the U.S. government’s primary law enforcement agency involved with metahumans.

A.P.E.X. Field Agents appear in Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition, on page 300.

Doctor Catastrophe for Champions

Doctor Catastrophe is probably the baddest of the bad guys on Earth-Omega. He’s so overwhelmingly powerful that he founded the Terror Legion, and then threw them away like a used paper towel when the time was right to go back and conquer his home nation of Erebus Island once again.

Doctor Catastrophe is on Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition page 322, and he appears on the front and back covers of Metagene. Stats below for Champs 4th and 6th Edition!

Terror Legion Agents for Champions

The Terror Legion, like most evil organizations, employs thousands of costumed henchmen to carry out their day-to-day operations.

The Terror Legion’s agents haven’t been published before, so this is a bonus post! Below we have stats for both Champions 4th Edition and 6th Edition.

Image credit Li Didivi, Artstation.

Unstoppable Girl for Champions

Image result for flying girl supergirlUnstoppable Girl is a flying brick with a handful of radiation powers. Previously a member of Patriot Force, UG left them to join the new Renegade Force in protest when media mogul Dalton Crane was elected president of the U.S.

You can get Unstoppable Girl’s full background in Invulnerable RPG Vigilante Edition page 289; she is on the cover of Year One Edition, and the back of Vigilante Edition, as well. We’ve got stats for her in Champions 4th and 6th Edition, both below!